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Improve work productivity – relax and restore yourself in the comfort of your Vancouver home, office, hotel suite, or yacht with a Mobile Massage!

Life moves fast and your time matters. Time is life – and there are better ways you could enjoy that extra hour you travel to a spa or clinic to receive your massage. our Vancouver Mobile massage experiences equates to the luxurious treatment and service you would receive in any world class spa, as our caring and knowledgable therapists understand and deliver top quality service and treatment.

Why Mobile Massage?

Because of the increased degree of convenience and decreased demand on your time to book, travel, park, ect, on site treatments are becoming more popular than ever in Vancouver and Whistler. Our clients also appreciate being able to play their own music and being accessible to their children before bed. A StoneChi massage offers our clients the sheer joy of not having to go anywhere after the session but off the table for a deep sleep.

Who can Benefit from a on site massage?

  • Mothers of new babies who may not get out of the home; They are tired and need a break from low back and hip pain from carrying their children all day. This session may happen after the baby goes to sleep, with a great daddy on hand!
  • Working professionals or business owners who are too busy to take a full hour to relax during the day or early evening; our sessions accommodate late evening schedules
  • Single parents who work all day and need to be home with their children in the evenings
  • Jet set CEOs with erratic flight schedules; we accommodate last minute sessions around our client’s time needs
  • Corporate sponsors who want to surprise valued clients and employees with our unique chair massage services
  • Athletes such as golfers, hockey players, weight lifters enjoy going home to a post game or work-out massage in their home
  • In general, After strenuous exercise or travel, a home based massage encourages the release of lactic acid, and a much better sleep
  • Seniors and other shut-ins who may want to receive a gentle neck, shoulder, hand, and or foot massage in the comfort and safety of their own homeWhy Choose Mobile therapy services from us?

Why Choose Mobile Therapy Services from us?

The costs on an in-spa service are comparable to going out to a spa – but you avoid the work to get there.  Groups wishing to hire 1 – 2 therapists to travel to them in remote retreat locations such as Xenia Centre on Bowen Island; being in nature and experiencing a mobile healing session will create deeper long lasting affects in stress reduction and muscular pain and tension

The best thing about our services are our therapists! Our therapists love what they do. Each of them enjoy the travel dynamics of a variety of work environments. Each therapist is committed to regularly update their education and massage training, while tailoring each session to your needs. Because of their extensive knowledge and talent, our clients are consistently satisfied with the pressure, depth, speed, and effectivity of techniques used by each one.


Our Vancouver mobile massage services we offices are five star sessions to offices, homes, and hotel suites.

Our therapists in both locations all have 10 or more years of experience and training, specializing in deep tissue and hot stone massage, and cupping. In addition to affordability and convenience, our clients appreciate and comment on how valuable it is to spend their time resting and finishing up loose ends so all they have to think about is going to dinner or to sleep after that massage. After all, the relaxing effects of a remote massage service are increased when avoiding post massage traffic and bright lights!

Your time is important and we value it. Let us travel to you so you may use that time to rest before and after your massage. Our clients report deeper undisturbed sleep after their treatment. We invite you to experience this too!

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