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“From Hot to Cold, I unfold.” Peter Powers, Stone Chi client, March, 2001.

Our intention is ultimately to work long enough with people to help them feel joyful in their bodies. This is the best treatment to create this result. What are you waiting for? Feel alive and delicious in your body during a one-of-a-kind StoneChi Therapy session.

What is Stone Chi Therapy?

Stone Chi Therapy is based on the ancient meridian systems of Chinese medicine and five element therapy – water, air, fire, earth, and wood. These elements weave their way seamlessly and mysteriously through a Stone Chi Therapy session like strains of a flute moving through a wooded forest.

The water element is reflected and influenced in the treatment by heating and chilling the stones. The air or metal element is represented and influenced through music with flutes and aromatherapy diffusion, filling the senses with calming lavender and chamomile.

And the earth element is of course affected through the stones themselves. Bringing heat to the element of the spleen and stomach meridian helps to resolve energetic dampness bringing more robust strength and grounding. The heated stones seamlessly melting through the muscular tension in the legs, back, and shoulder knots like a puddle of hot coconut in a heat wave, penetrating every tension. But different from a heat wave, that heat is comforting, nurturing and locally targeted through different sizes, shapes, and energetic frequencies of stones. As the body takes in the many different textures and temperature sensations, the mind does not know what to do but be free of all thoughts and let go.

The fire is represented by the heating of stones in a stone heater. Finally the wood element may be represented in grounding sandalwood and cedar aroma oils.

So from this you may see how the five element dance, moving through you will leave you imprinted. Simultaneously you may feel rooted to your body, as well as light and free.

Dances with Stones/Rock Variations

A variation of different types of stones are used in one hundred and one Hot and Cold Stones; this dance of Marble, Jade, Basalt (river rock), Sardonyx, and Labadorite hot and cool rock massage moves in rhythm to the elements of air, water, and fire – bringing each new client to a state of euphoric release.


  • Fibromyalgia: Our clients experience longer lasting results in a Stone Chi Therapy, because we contrast both smooth hot and cool covered rocks within the session to heal inflamed muscle tissue. The alternation of temperature produces great relief to “hot spot” areas in spasm
  • Osteoarthritis: The heat relieves pain and stiffness in the joints – and the cool brings new clean blood to the tissues
  • Headaches and pain: Hot and cool B.C. Jade stones shaped stones are used in trigger point and traction work, creating space in the cerebral spinal fluid and vertebrae.
  • The alternating temperatures and frequencies of this beautiful joy-filled stone session bring each client great comfort and relief from muscular pain
  • Muscular sports Injuries: Running heat and coolness through an injured muscle tissue creates a vascular aerobics through the tissue, accelerating muscle repair. The cool stones act as a pain eraser to areas of inflammation
  • Immune compromised: While not anyone can have a regular Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, anyone may experience the benefits of laying on a smooth bed of stones. Even people in a chronic state of pain and fatigue, with a sensitive nervous system may experience the gentle nourishing affects of a gentle warm stone treatment
  • Anxiety and Insomnia: Once again, the many sensations of hot and cool trick the mind into relaxing. Many report going into a deep place within themselves, submerging from the session completely renewed.
  • Menstral Pain and digestive disorders: Placing frozen stones over the abdominal region and massaging the three yin meridians in the legs actually draw the chi or ki down the legs relieving and restoring the smooth flow of blood to the area
  • Balances nervous system: Because anytime the body temperature is taken away from 98.6, the autonomous nervous system is working to bring the body into a state of homeostasis.
  • Alternating temperatures helps to manipulate mind and body to let go and return to a more balanced state
  • Manages Stress – May help anxiety and depression
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves chronic low back, neck, and shoulder pain


Based on Mary Nelson’s La Stone Therapy, system, created in 1993, founder Dena Jackson applied the elements of Thermotherapy to Shiatsu principals. Thermotherapy is defined as the use of heat therapy to treat pain. But In this modality, both heated and chilled stone temperatures are conveyed to bring about a therapeutic response to the circulatory, lymphatic, and eliminatory systems of the body.

The stones themselves are smooth oblong shapes, pointed thumbs to take the strain off the therapist’s hands. Many of our clients comment they don’t know where a stone begins from a hand! The concept of pulling heat and inflammation from the musculature and meridian system with cool stones, and building heat and energy through the yin areas of the body is one that brings balance and healing to each client.

While we do work with 101 hot and cool stones in our studio sessions, A portable Mobile Stone Chi Therapy Session is also available if you are wanting to do deeper healing work and incorporate the five elements into your stone healing session.

So if you or anyone you know think you could benefit from our signature Five Element Stone Chi Massage, it will be an experience you will never forget! Do not hesitate to experience this today!

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