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What is involved in a Stone Chi Chair Session?

With work life imbalance and workplace stress in Vancouver on the rise, we aim to provide the most affective solutions to quickly alleviate muscular pain and tension while increasing relaxation and workplace productivity. In a Stone Chi mobile chair Massage, each of our certified practitioners aim to provide effective care for each client’s back, neck, and shoulder pain in the least amount of time. Here are some advantages of how and why this modality is affecting rapid pain relief and increased vigor in the workplace:


  • According to a study conducted by Field, T., et al., (1996) “Massage therapy reduces anxiety and enhances EEG patterns of alertness and math computations.
  • The study found math problems were completed in significantly less time with significantly fewer errors after the massage.
  • Through a qualitative research survey, we discovered that 65 out of 72 clients who received a five-minute massage during a corporate event in Vancouver, stated they experienced more quick and effective results from heated stones than they received in a conventional chair session.
  • A 2011 study by the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine discovered that “On-site massage sessions twice per week for 1 month are the most effective interventions (compared to one session or no massage intervention) for decreasing the duration of musculoskeletal ache, pain
  • On-site massage sessions were also found effective to alleviate discomfort and to increase mobility and range of motion

Our core competency is a founder with 26 years of experience in building a corporate clientele and the training skills to to specifically promote and deliver Vancouver’s premium quality treatment to corporate employees who work with computers and math. These sectors include It, engineering, and banking. We also provide our services to senior citizen homes, corporate events, and trade shows.

What makes us different from other top providers is that we innovated a massage with heated jade that increases the results of the treatment.

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