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StoneChi Massage owner Dena Jackson delivers a Corporate Chair Massage to a tired IT worker.
There is nothing better to knock the rainy work day blues than leaving your office desk to slip into a portable massage chair a few feet away! Now add hot stones that penetrate the deep muscle tension accruing in your shoulders, neck and back to this equation? It’s 20 warmth filled minutes of hot jade heaven!

What is Hot Jade Chair Massage?

A mobile Hot Jade Massage is a new kind of stone therapy – but also the ancient massage stone of Chinese Royals, used in Chinese medicine for centuries. What’s new is we are heating many different sizes and shapes of green B.C. Jade stones , in order to increase healing time and inner vitality for our clients.

The therapist will hook smooth curved and pointed shaped hot stones deep into your shoulder blades, through your clothes. Round shaped stones are also used to palm down the back into the hips – gliding into the deepest point of low back and hip tension. Other pointed and moon shaped stones hook up into your neck creating space and warmth in compressed neck muscles. Altogether the combination of infrared heat, pressure, and a capable nurturing practitioner creates a sedative yet energized affect.


Hot jade session involves hot stones – specifically hot jade stones, which when heated are naturally enhanced with far infrared-emitting elements. These rays promote healing and penetrate deep into joints and surrounding tissues (Steven Laifer, 2009). Some of our clients sit at their computers for more than 50 hours each week! After this this length of time of sitting at a computer, many develop shoulder, neck, and back pain, with no extra time to schedule a whole hour of massage. To increase the effectiveness of their treatment, we heat the healing Jade stones to surpass the results of a regular chair session.


The powerful properties of hot jade stones, documented in China for well over 2000 years, relieve tension from tired arms and back muscles, while leaving a person feeing relaxed, alert, and less sleepy than regular massage (Katelin McInerney, 2009).
The pressure, stretches, and smooth heated stones increase circulation and energy while decreasing muscle tension and encouraging a detoxifying affect.
Our clients’ experiences indicate our Heated Jade massage increases computing power, while relaxing muscular pain and tension in less time than a regular chair massage, we at Stone Chi Massage love to assist in relieving our core clientele of IT workers, engineers, and senior citizens.

Other uses of Jade in Healing

Green Jade is believed an auspicious, lucky, and magical stone in China. Green Jade, found in China, New Zealand, and parts of British Columbia is a composite of Jadeite – a silicate comprised of magnesium, aluminum, and sodium. The following uses have been employed throughout history as people continue to evolve new and different ways to use this stone:

  • Jade rollers were used for hundreds of years in China before being included as popular Eastern beauty elixirs here in the West
  • Jade is great for home or workplace Feng Shui: according to Feng Shui expert Rodika Tchi, Jade is known in for healing, and to protect a space
  • Jade is also used to promote harmony and balance amongst all those living in a home; this stone is also believed to exude joy and nurture heart healing
  • According to Dr. R. Schavi M., a Reiki Master, Jade is known as a stone to positively promote calm to the nervous system, soothing the mind
  • Jade is such a Chinese symbol of strength and protection, that medicinal herbal formulas, including Jade Screen Powder, were named and used in 20th Century China to strengthen immunity
  • Jade Bed rollers utilize infrared heat from the jade rollers to 130 degrees to roll up the spine. Benefits of jade rollers reports are: stress relieving, lowering high blood pressure, ease and draw arthritis out of the joints, improve back pain and blood circulation, infrared heat
  • By taking 10 – 15 minutes each week to alleviate tension, our clients may increase their quality of life and reduce stress and tension with mobile hot jade massage treatments. Upon booking, each massage therapist and Shiatsu Practitioner arrives with a portable massage chair and a Vulsini hot stone bag filled with 10 heated jade stones.

Do not miss out on this delightful addition to regular chair work. Call 604-339-6077 to book a Hot Jade Chair session for you and your office members today!
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