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“Thank you so much Dena Jackson – your stone massage was just what my body and soul needed! The hot and cold combo of stones being massaged over my tired muscles was so healing and soothing. And wow, the creamy shea butter and chocolate body bar (yep I said chocolate!) that she glided over my limbs felt amazing AND smelled incredibly delicious! It was a real mix of therapeutic Shiatsu release on my back and relaxation that nourished all my senses. I would definitely recommend Dena’s healing and heavenly stone massage.” Little Woo

Our therapists serve the Sea-to-sky corridor. We need 1 hour notice to send a therapist from to your location of choice between Whistler and Squamish.

Cash and Credit are now accepted!

Stone Chi First Massage Special

60 Min Relaxation: $99 *Regularly $110

60 Min Deep Tissue $105 *Regularly $115

60 Min Stones $110 *Regularly $120

Mobile massage Relaxation Swedish

60 Min Relaxation $130

60 Min Deep Tissue $140

60 Min Stones $150

Couples Massage

60 Min: $230

90 Min $345

120 Min: $520


*Add $50 for mobile after 9p.m.

Massage Descriptions

Relaxation Massage uses long Swedish massage strokes, including Effleurage, Petrissage, Cross Fibre Friction with hot oil. This nurturing massage will help you rest deeper and decompress the stress of the day.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage is a more vigorous session using vigorous deep strokes, such as muscle stripping, trigger point, and Tsubo pressure point therapy. This session is designed to target tension and muscle knots from key tension areas in the body.

Shiatsu Therapy is a recalibration, physically, mentally, and energetically. Key Acupuncture points and stretches are applied to Chinese Meridians in this effective treatment.

Stone Chi Massage (Hot Stone Massage) In this session, hot and cool stones are applied to areas of pain and tension. The mind has no choice but let go of every thought and worry, as a sea of mixed and delightful sensations take over the senses. This treatment is great for athletes and sports injuries. It is also great for a mini-vacation from the mind – deeply restful and rejuvenating!

CALL to book your Mobile or On-Site Massage Today at 604-339-6077!

Stone Chi Massage
#25, 1410 West 13th Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6H 1N9
(604) 339-6077

and we are also in Whistler

StoneChi Massage, Triangle Whistler                                                                                          109 8200 Bear Paw Trail                                                                                                      Whistler, BC  V0N 1B9                                                                                                                    (604)339-6077