Stone Chi Massage - Vancouver and Whistler's Premiere Mobile Provider

Stone Chi Massage, a therapeutic massage services provider, specializes in exceptional massage services in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. We bring everything to you, while offering you a customized massage experience that addresses your needs. Our mobile clients love us because we are willing and able to provide professional five-star service while accommodating their challenging schedules. StoneChi Customized and Signature Massage Modalities Our mobile massage modalities include the following:
  • Relaxation (Swedish Massage), Reflexology
  • Deep tissue Sports Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Couples Massage for loved ones
  • LaStone Therapy (Hot and Cold Stones in a Massage)
Techniques used Spanning many modalities, common techniques to expect are as follows: Swedish/Relaxation Massage
  • Effleurage (synchronized palm pressure pushing blood towards the heart, relaxing and bringing blood and circulation to the muscles
  • Petrissage (including wringing, kneading, and rolling in order to push more blood and circulation as well as begin to break up muscle adhesions)
  • Cupping (two hand massage technique)
Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy (a deep tissue technique to release pain in the belly of a muscle group by pressing a related point between two muscles or a muscle and bone intersection)
  • Gentle neck traction to improve migraines and other neck and shoulder pain
  • Pressure Point Meridian Therapy (balancing the entire energy system through ki points) to balance the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies
  • Hara abdominal work to relax internal organs and deliver smooth ki and blood to the entire external body
  • Two point pressure (A Shiatsu technique, holding two pressure points to build and release ki to balance areas of pain and weakness)
  • Stretches to open the meridian systems
  • Tsubo therapy: Turbo charged power pressure relief points in the neck, head, shoulders and back
LaStone (Hot Stone Massage) Therapy - our signature massage, an otherworldly escape!
  • Piezoelectric technique (tapping two stones one on the other to break up scar tissue)
  • Geo-thermotherapy – used in La Stone Therapy, penetrating heated and chilled stones that result in deep chemical changes and release within the body’s systems)
“I recently received a stone massage by Dena Jackson. It was beyond remarkable. I met Dena over 10 years ago after completing training as a Shiatsu therapist. She taught a stone course called Stone Chi, stone massage focused on Chinese Meridians. I took her training and there began my love affair with the stones.” Harry Isaac

What our Clients are Saying!

“Thank you so much Dena Jackson – your stone massage was just what my body and soul needed! The hot and cold combo of stones being massaged over my tired muscles was so healing and soothing. And wow, the creamy shea butter and chocolate body bar (yep I said chocolate!) that she glided over my limbs felt amazing AND smelled incredibly delicious! It was a real mix of therapeutic Shiatsu release on my back and relaxation that nourished all my senses. I would definitely recommend Dena’s healing and heavenly stone massage.” Little Woo

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