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Hot Stone Massage
Do you want to feel more alive than ever? A Hot Stone Mobile Massage treatment is our most relaxing and rejuvenating massage journey – a perfect gift to restore mind, body, spirit while slipping into a cradle of warmth and relaxation.

This treatment is more effective than regular massage to release tension from stiff tired muscles; the heat and pressure of smooth stones penetrate deeper layers of muscle tissue, followed by a few pleasurable cool stones that produce a deeper healing response through the reduction of inflammation in over-heated muscle tissues. Each stone healing journey is enhanced by your selection of lavender or peppermint oil. This full sensory journey is as gentle as slipping into a waterfall on a hot summer’s day.

What is involved in a Hot Stone Massage?

The heat in the stones allows your therapist to more effectively relax and ease tension out of stiff aching muscles. Your therapist alternates Smooth Hot Jade and basalt river stones and Cool white marble stones of different shapes and sizes in a penetrating Deep Tissue and Acupressure hot oil massage.


This healing experience strengthens the immune system, increases circulation, eliminates toxins and re-balances chi! The delicious affect of the cool stones act as a pain eraser, reducing heat and swelling caused by acute injuries. Here are more benefits:

  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Hot stone reflexology relaxes the entire body through the feet
  • Further Increases detoxification through infrared rays (using hot jade stones)
  • Stimulates circulation and mental activity
  • Improves digestion – more blood and circulation through internal organs with heated and chilled chakra stones
  • Why Does This Treatment Have Greater Therapeutic Effects Than other Massage?

Beyond regular massage, stone therapy effects greater impact in relaxing muscle tension because the heat and yang qualities of volcanic river rocks enable your therapist to manipulate and penetrate a client’s deeper layers of muscle tension. Here is the science behind why this is our best treatment:

  • Elimination: The increase of blood and lymph in an exchange of hot and cold increase circulation and push toxins through the lymphatic system
  • Increased Circulation: When alternating heated and chilled stones, an increase of blood and lymph pushes towards the heart, and sends new clean blood back to the area.
  • Stilling the Nervous System: The effect of pushing and pulling heat and cool through the nerves forces the body’s temperature away from 97.8 – normal body temperature. The nerves work hard to return to equilibrium through this experience, calming mind and rebalancing the spirit
  • Decrease scar tissue: a technique called Piezoelectric Effect is applied in chronic injury related massage to break up the deep scar tissue.
  • Relieves Sciatica: Cool stones in the gluteals and down the legs are soothing for an inflamed and compressed nerve in the case of Sciatic pain
  • Long Flights: Executives and travelling circus athletes alike enjoy our mobile hot stone therapy treatments, because those stones open up compressed hips and relieve low back pain. In this session, we dig different sized and shaped heated stones into your stiff contracted hips and glues. We will relieve the deep tension with our hot and cool stones, encouraging a deep rest
  • Mobile State of the Art Heating Bag

The stones are safely sanitized and heated to between 130 – 140 F. Your therapist arrives with 35 smooth jade and river rocks to your door, pre- heated in a state of the art Valsini bag! A portable massage table, sheets, oils, hot towels, basalt and marble stones, and post treatment stretches are all included in this awesome treatment!

Long Term Results

After years learning from the world’s top experts, our passion is to help you change and shift pain in your body. We recommend an investment of 4 – 10 sessions to see the best results. Because this treatment utilizes geo-thermotheratpy – the deep temperatures and affects of the stones penetrate to muscle, fascia, and bone.

The treatments will begin to show powerful changes in the body, changing the way your body relates to pain. Your body will shift old muscular patterns and experience days of longer lasting relief from pain. A reduction of tension and an increased aliveness happens simultaneously. With the repetition of treatment, the body will begin to know what it’s natural state is a balance of aliveness and rest. We encourage our clients to simultaneously cleanse and practice dry brushing to further help the kidneys, livers, skin, and lungs detox. Hydrotherapy (the use of hot and cold showers) is also an easier practice to implement when you get used to feeling relaxed and good all the time.

We are about long term changes and results with our treatments; We have packages available

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