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Hot Stone Massage Promotion

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Do you seek heat down to your bones? Are you in need of a mini vacation from your thoughts and daily stress? A hot stone massage hits both those spots.

Hot and cool stone massage is tricky business! This is because the temperature changes in a ho
t and cool stone massage trip the switch on the autonomic nervous system, tricking  the body and mind to let go. It’s literally like a mini-vacation from all your worries or cares.


Heated smooth basalt stones of various shapes and sizes are safely covered to line and cradle the spine and the internal organs. The warmth flows through the protective cloth radiating into the core. In a series of smooth relaxing strokes more warm stones are applied to ease tension and muscle knots. After your therapist warms the muscles into a more pliable state, specific shaped stones are wielded in deep tissues techniques to release stubborn tension areas. Each client may choose lotion or oil in the session. An organic cacao body butter is a favourite – melted into the muscles for increased euphoric affect.


After the body is thoroughly heated a few cool stones are introduced to areas of more extreme tension or old injury, promoting a positive effect on the immune system. This process increases immunity and circulation –  revival of mind, body, spirit.

In the early part of the treatment, your therapist will inquire about areas of pain, discomfort, where cool stones may be beneficial. The heat feels great. But together with a few cool stones, this treatment is invigorating and relieves tension for up to days longer.


After 60 or 90 minutes we recommend each client to get the most out of their session with fluids, silence, and rest. Taking time to journal may bring insights and epiphanies, as this is for many an experience of unfolding into your true self.

Hot stone Massage

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