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“If people understood the true wonders of salt therapy, they would start saving their money to turn their bedrooms into salt rooms,” said Salt Wonder owner Nuca Stoica.

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A group of YVR Bloggers ponder the benefits of relaxing Himalayan Salt at Salt Wonder Cave in North Vancouver. Photo Credits: Alan Katowitz

Experiencing the natural healing wonders of the mineral kingdom is a major intrigue! I have floated in the Dead Sea, got tribal and painted myself in mineral mud in Isreal, and for years, studied about the healing of crystals and gems in my StoneChi Therapy work.

So I jumped at the opportunity to recline and relax with 6 YVR bloggers at Salt Wonder, the serene man-made Himalayan salt therapy cave in North Vancouver.

Before and After:

Arriving at the cave, I had a headache and felt fatigued. Before I left, I was so relaxed I reclined down upon the salt, using one of the bloggers knees as my pillow! My sinuses were clear and I slept deeply that night.

Our group of bloggers were encouraged not to talk, because it would detract from our experience and we would not properly breath in the negative ions of the salt particles. Entering the cave, I was delighted by the the massage my feet received when walking on the salt floor. The cave was bathed in soft gold and pink light.  I reclined and covered myself in a blanket next to a soothing water feature, enjoying the ambient music that enhanced the experience.

Inhaling the salty air felt cleansing. And as I looked around at the columns of salt rock columns rising up from the floor, it made sense that my blood alkalinity and negative ion content was increasing by inhaling the high sodium content

Salt Cave, Salt Therapy, Salt Wonder Vancouver, Halotherapy

Three YVR Bloggers Recline and rest in the soothing Salt Wonder Cave. Photo Credits: Alan Katowitz

What is Salt Therapy?

Salinoterapia/Halotherapy,” otherwise known as Salt Cave Therapy – is the process of sitting in a salt room inhaling saline aerosol from the dimly lit walls and pillars of a salt rock room. While some scientists call for more conclusive studies in its effectiveness for Chronic Respiratory illness, many who experience the caves experience beneficial results in blocked sinuses, fewer colds and viral flus, and reduced bronchial issues.  In addition, the new Vancouver health and wellness trend is proven to be a safe and inexpensive treatment for some patients with with cystic fibrosis.

While salt therapy has become a very new trend in New York city over the past few years and made its way West, Mr. Stoica explained that it is common in helping people with respiratory issues in his home country of Romania. After moving to North Vancouver, he decided to build a cave – a herculean act of importing more than 20 tons of Himalayan salt from Pakistan!

In Eastern Europe, the earliest exploration of salt healing was discovered in the 1840s, when Dr. Feliks Boczkowski, a Polish doctor treating miners, studied salt’s medicinal properties. While other mines produced pulmonary issues within miners, the salt cave workers emerged from the caves with pristine lungs and no health complaints. The doctor also noticed that the benefits included glowing youthful skin.

Complimentary Practices

In addition to the large room, Salt Wonder has two other rooms. One smaller room has increased salt particles that enhance the relaxing salty experience and increase the ease and restfulness of this experience. Another room may be booked for private Reflexology sessions. To experience Salt Therapy in Vancouver, visit .


Photos by Alan Katowitz



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  1. Teddy Rose says:

    Hey Dena, it was so nice meeting you and experiencing ‘SaltWonder’ with you. I was glad to lend my knee as a pillow for you. LOL! I slept so well that night! I hope to see you again at a YVR Blogger Meet Up or Adventure!

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