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What is Shiatsu Therapy?

Are you feeling energetically depleted and need to recalibrate on your lunch hour? Mobile Shiatsu Massage is the perfect answer. This non-oil massage is done on a massage table through sheets, and so you do not need to return to work feeling sticky, but light and recharged.

Shi (Finger) atsu (pressure) is defined as a Japanese form of Bodywork Therapy,” The practitioner administers pressure and balances the body’s ki (pronounced kee) through palm pressure, thumbs, elbows, forearms, knees, or feet. The purpose is to build or disperse energy through the client’s meridians, or energy highways that flow through the body.


While originated in Japan, this modality was based on the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupressure. The Japanese refined their own meridian system based on the Acupuncture system of medicine. There are two different types; Zen Japanese Shiatsu, originated by Mr. Shisuto Masunaga, and another stronger, deeper style, Namakoshi Style, created by Mr.Tokujiro Namakoshi.

While a traditional session is done on a matt on the floor, our treatments are performed on a massage table through a sheet. The treatment starts out with a traditional “Hara” reading, an internal pulse that is taken in the abdominal area to assess the energetic quality of each organ zone of each client. Some organ energy may feel tense, other organ energy (a sense of tightness, relaxedness, heat, coolness, all sensations a therapist may experience) may be relaxed. At the end of the reading a two point technique is employed to balance the chi of the energy system of the body.

Once this energetic assessment is complete, the practitioner knows how they will balancing the entire energy system of the body through the meridian highways. Pressure is applied to build chi in areas of depletion and release excess areas from the energy channels.

According to Efrem Korn and Harriet Beinfield, authors of “Between Heaven and Earth” Traditional Chinese Doctor (TCM) states the body is likened to a garden. The sunlight therefore would symbolize heat in the channels. If there is too much heat in the organs, there can be dryness or yang. This would affect the water element – likened to the blood, causing the garden to thrive or stagnate and dry out. Each day the garden must be tended to, being cautious of the weeds that choke growth and deplete nutrients in the soil.


  • Hang Overs/Liver/Gall Bladder Chi imbalance: In the case of a hang over, the Liver ki will often be in a yang, excess state in the hara reading. The practitioner works key Liver meridian points to disperse or re-balance the chi to flow smoothly.
    Menstration or P.M.S: Rebalancing the three yin meridians (Liver, Kidney, and Spleen) will help assist a woman in a less painful more fluid menses which may improve sleep, and other hormonal imbalances.
  • Grief and Insomnia: Regular sessions have been seen to improve the balance of chi in the lungs, heart, and heart pericardium, promoting rest and calm in the spirit
  • Anxiety and a calm mind are abated when the practitioner works to calm the heart meridian
  • Protects the system: The Tripple warmer meridian is a meridian that accounts for the smooth flow of ki through the lungs, stomach digestion, and large intestines. In a session, each of these functions are affected, hence improving the smooth flow of chi through the body improving overall immunity.
  • Alleviates pain: This treatment works vigorously to balance the chi within key “tsubo” points, which are similar to trigger points that move along areas of muscular tension between two muscles or a bone and a muscle. Releasing stuck chi in the tsubo points helps relieve muscular pain and tension, putting the client into a deep state of relaxation and surrender.
  • Fatigue: Treating the entire energy system of the body in a relaxation massage builds kidney ki and releases stuckness in along the meridian channels. In this way.
  • Neck Pain: A combination of traction-like stretches encourage the ki and muscular tension in the next to release
  • Digestive issues: Abdominal discomfort may be abated from hara work techniques as well as by working the Stomach and intestinal channels to balance blocked or excessive ki
  • While it has been said that the nature of the Ki is an enigmatic thing to understand, our Stone Chi clients experience many positive benefits. Relaxation, increased restfulness and grounding, and a sense of wisdom and empowerment in understanding how to sustain long term health. These are just a few of the many reasons to enjoy a session.

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